Unique experience: Sheba Piano Lounge.

Think Ethiopian, lounge, piano and jazz and you should have a clear picture of this place. No you say. Read on.

Visiting the city for a meeting and I wanted to avoid my usual dinner for the masses so, when my former partner recommended this place based on another recommendation, we had to try it.

The food is as described…Ethiopian but if you must, they also have a few other things on the menu such as a burger and pasta….if you must!

Not being that familiar with the cuisine, I let my friend do the ordering. It was spot on with respect to the choices and experience. As some of you may know, the food comes as “small plates” to be had with injera….the “bread” of Ethiopia. Our sampler included gomen (collard greens), mesir wat (lentils), kik alicha (split pea), tibs wat (beef), beg alecha (lamb), and doro wat (chicken). The best of the sampler was the tibs wat, beg alecha and mesir wat. It was all excellent and a unique experience.

The space is best described as a very low lighted lounge…with live music.

Service was good.

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