Vietnamese in the Ferry Terminal: The Slanted Door.

I tried this place a few years ago and don’t remember coming away impressed despite its renown. This visit was more to my liking…..perhaps due to the food I tried this time around.

Started with the spring rolls…not the fried variety but the much lighter rice paper option. The peanut sauce was perfect!

For my main I went with a Vietnamese classic….the crêpe (Bánh Xèo) or sometimes called a pancake. If you have not tried this you must do so….imagine shrimp, pork shoulder, bean sprouts and corn inside a fried crêpe all served with the typical sides of lettuce leaves and sprigs of mint. The crêpe is made from mung-bean, white rice flour, turmeric and coconut milk so it’s not your usual crêpe! Simply delicious, and with the slightly sweet but tart dipping sauce….spectacular.

I was one this visit and so I ate at the bar. Service was spot on.

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