Authentic Sichuan: Tian Fu.

I was near the light rail station and needed lunch so why not some Sichuan?

Interesting place just across the street from Northgate Station and down the street from Target. Great location.

The entire menu is online with the QR code unique to your table. So, open it up and place your order. Next thing you know, here comes the food.

Went with a few Sichuan staples…kung pao chicken and the green beans. Both were spicy which reminded me of the last time I was in Beijing and someone asked me if I liked spicy food. I said yes…and it was the spiciest thing I’ve ever eaten. That dish looked just like the chongqing chicken with chili pepper offered here. Think pulled chicken topped with so many chilies that you have to dig to find the meat. Of course I didn’t have it again for fear of a mouth meltdown! The lychee kumquat fruit sparkling water was a perfect balance for the spiciness.

The menu is extensive with unique offerings…blood curd, pork intestines, frog legs, pork kidney…

Service was efficient and friendly.  There is also a location in Bellevue.

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