Dinner for 100: Wyndham Hotel

I was in China doing some teaching and as is very typical, a dinner for the attendees and faculty is a requirement. I have to say that this was one of the better examples of dinner for a large crowd….no rubber chicken anywhere!

I can’t begin to cover it all…..my past experiences in China have all included more food than it is possible to eat…but I tried a bit of it all…at least in small portions.

Standouts included pork belly (dongpo)…I have a weakness for this stuff, shrimp, flounder and scallops. The young bamboo shoots were nice as a vegetable…..very tender and flavorful.

So now a bit about Baijiu….a very high proof…40 to 60%…alcoholic drink commonly served in meetings like this…lots of toasts…and it isn’t sipped! This stuff is made of fermented sorghum and is had in small amounts but don’t try to out drink your Chinese host….you will lose. It’s important to remember, if you want to limit your intake, don’t finish your glass or it will be refilled….for as long as you continue to drink it. I have to say, I’m not a big fan.