Nice spot in Pioneer Square with a great name: Damn the Weather.

Business meeting downtown with an option to eat here or back at work…..decisions, decisions….so I made the hard decision to eat here. The space is in one of the original buildings on 1st, between Yesler and S Washington Street, and only a few blocks from the Pioneer Square light rail station. They are open for lunch during the week but serve dinner every night.

Their menu is ever changing and this visit I was torn between the burger and the falafel sandwich. The waitstaff recommended the sandwich so I went for it. Typical falafel but the brioche bun and the sriracha aioli made it complete. The aioli was only very mildly spicy which let the more subtle flavors of the falafel shine. The accompanying green salad was light and delicious with pickled onions and radishes.

Since I went lite on the main dish I felt dessert was in order. Dessert of the day was a mocha pot de creme. Very lite example…almost like milk chocolate…and the coffee flavor was barely detectable. Being a chocoholic and loving the combination with coffee, I would have liked more richness.

Service was good.

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