Not really a commercial concern: Dean Wines

Those of you who have read my home page and my posts know of my enjoyment of good wine and my hobby of making my own. Recently I entered an international amature wine competition sponsored by WineMaker Magazine and to my astonishment, my 2011 Syrah won a Silver medal! The 2012 Mourvedré won a Bronze! Obviously, I’m quite excited about this but should point out the old adage: you can’t make good wine from bad grapes and I must acknowledge that I get great fruit from my good friend Darby English….of Darby Wines. For those of you less familiar with Washington State and think of apples or cherries when you think of fruit, it’s the second largest producer of wine grapes in the US behind California.

Over the past few years I always seem to be busy at about the time of harvest. So, I haven’t made any red wine recently, just rosé, but this news may jolt me into finding the time for this year’s crop!