Vietnamese on lower Capitol Hill: Ba Bar

One of three restaurants this is the original location. It’s part of the Monsoon restaurant group. I have been wanting to try it for some time and today I was downtown doing some errands and since it is usually open from 10 am to 2 am (on Friday and Saturday till 4 am!) it’s hard not to find them open.

I’m partial to Bún (vermicelli bowl) and usually use that dish as my measuring stick for Vietnamese food. So, I went with the combo which included chicken, shrimp, house made pork and beef sausage and pork imperial roll. It was very good but my yardstick is Green Leaf which I think is a tad better for Bún. That said this dish did not disappoint. The pickled veggies were particularly good.

The space is very nice and this outing I was at the bar which seats about 12 people. Most of the tables look meant to be shared. It is a step above Greenleaf with respect to decor and the space….as well as its hours and alcohol selections. The menu here is also more focused in its offerings.

The bartender recommended the passionfruit sour which was interesting and very good on a hot day.


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