Finally got to experience this place after a false start a few months ago: Heartwood Provisions.

Not sure how to describe the cuisine but let’s just say it’s varied……classic raw oysters mixed with Asian choices like sushi and French classics like duck breast.

The space is large and well apportioned with a large bar area as you enter followed by more classic seating in the rear. An open kitchen with a brick oven is near the seated tables. The bar is expansive and close to 2 stories high…..something to behold. Similar presentation for the wine “cellar”. Speaking of wine, the selection is one of the best I have seen in Seattle….extensive offerings from all the world’s major wine regions. Now to the food:

We started with the raw selections at the recommendation of the wait staff. Oysters were spot on accompanied by a mezcal/guava mignonette. The yellowtail was not the typical nigiri sushi, being served with small offerings of grapefruit and avocado with a lemon paprika vinaigrette…..delicious. While the table did not completely agree, I had to have the foie gras mousse……served with a gelée of madeira, and hazelnuts all served up between bread crisp. I thought it was fantastic…..lighter that typical French foie gras with a bit of bite from the gleée. Others felt the glée was overpowering.

Now to the mains: grilled pork chop with roasted carrots, beans and harissa…..the harissa made the dish…be prepared for the size of the dish…impressive chop! I had the duck breast which was perfectly cooked and fairly typical of the French variety but with huckleberries and szechuan pepper jus which gave it a bit of a twist. Lastly was the grilled chicken breast with quinoa tabbouleh and cucumber yogurt….all giving the dish a middle eastern flare.

Desserts…..had to give them a try: the 2 we tasted were both outstanding with the smoked caramel panna cotta leaving you wanting to lick the container dish and the s’mores which were nicely deconstructed and equally worth the calories. Wines included a nice left bank Bordeaux from the St-Estèphe region and a dessert wine from the Pyrenées.

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