In the restaurant core at University Village: Joey Kitchen.

This is a chain of restaurants out of Vancouver BC that serves a mix of PNW, burgers, steaks and Asian food in a very nice upscale space. Service is always very good and pleasant on the eye.

The food is good as well but a bit hit or miss. This visit was prompted by a bet with a good friend on the Alabama/ Husky game with the winner picking the restaurant….convenient for us both. I had the spicy chicken banh mi which was good but not up to the classic pork variety served in local Vietnamese establishments in the city. The side of fries were also good but not quite expected with the dish.

On another visit I gave the the Korean fried cauliflower a try…..delicious dish as is the BBQ Salmon bowl…..brown rice is the way to go on this one.

This is a place to meet friends after shopping and be seen. For that, it more than meets the bill.

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