Japanese American fusion: TOMO.

I’ve had my eye on this place for quite some time but it’s not that easy to get a reservation. That’s a must unless you want to try for a bar seat. Reservations go online a month ahead so snag one as soon as they become available.

This place is all about the fixed menu so be prepared for that experience…one of my favorite ways to dine but, for others, it may not resonate. You’ll have an option for wine pairings and vegetarian choices to replace meat/fish if you would like. There is also a dessert option but more about that later.

Started with a palate cleanser then off to one of the best dishes of the night…the asparagus chawanmushi with soy salt…outstanding dish. The savory egg custard was perfect. Before we get to the next dish, I need to describe my cocktail…piso mojado…which arrive as a work of art. And, not only was a killer in the looks department, it was a killer to drink…mezcal, taquila, lime, mango juice  and a bit of jalepeńo for a hint of spiciness. Perfect start to the meal to come.

Now, where was I? Oh, the second course…sablefish plated on mayocoba beans with preserved plumb and mizuna. Once again delicious and my second favorite behind the chawanmushi. Next up was the sunchoke with chard, yuzu and salsify…interesting blend of flavors but, my least favorite of the night. Finally, the tri-tip with rapini and pepita sauce. The beef was perfectly prepared.

Now for dessert. The fixed menu provided a dessert but I had to go with the supplement as well! The menu dessert was rhubarb based (not my favorite plant) with bay laurel, Japanese whisky and buckwheat…very tasty.

But, I had to have the supplement right? Yep, and it was a visual stunner. Kakigori: Japanese shaved ice piled high and topped with a Basque cheesecake mousse and preserved blueberry. Not only a visual stunner but a true taste delight!

The chef’s parting gift…like we needed something else to eat…chocolates.

The restaurant is a James Beard finalist for their wine list. Not an overwhelming one but great new and old world choices including orange wines.

This is a must visit restaurant.


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