Doughnuts anyone? Top Pot.

Hard to believe I haven’t done a review on this Seattle institution for doughnuts…..I guess it’s because it’s… Seattle. They started as a single storefront in downtown Seattle and now there are multiple opportunities throughout the city. The doughnuts are cake type and are not of the Krispy Kreme variety….if  you’re not from the South you may have never had that experience even though you can get them in Seattle…..if you look hard. Looks like if you live in Dallas you have Top Pot as well….and they have them in some Starbucks… maybe, even if you don’t live in Seattle, you can enjoy them without going to Dallas!

The choices are many but try the bear claw….especially when blueberries are in season…and the salted caramel….and….oh….oh….oh the maple bar.

The picture of the cup is for my Birmingham followers…….guess who that is on their label?

They have excellent coffee as well.

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