Christmas Eve dinner: Fishmonger’s stew.

Started with fresh, unshucked oysters with mignonette we picked up from London Plane. Don’t know how to shuck oysters? Me either but here’s a video that helped me conquer the pesky bivalve. The mignonette could have stood alone, it was so tasty, had I not been successful.

Followed this with a insalata verde …made by the herb vinaigrette; then we were on to the main course…Fishmonger’s stew. A whole potpourri of seafood from clams, to cod, to squid to muscles. Hearty, excellent and all tied together by the broth…fish stock with a tomato base.

Our wine: Prosecco with the oysters then a New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc…nice acidity for the mildly rich dish.

Ended with a double espresso affogato of salted caramel ice cream from Whidbey Island Ice Cream Co. and a few cookies, again from London Plane.

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