Quarantine Breakfast: Ever What You Need.

A bit of potpourri ranging from eggs, bacon, biscuits and grits to bagels and gravlax.

A few words about Southern breakfast then on to lox, etc.

First grits. Those pictured are from Geechie Boy Mill but the real way to eat them, after adding butter, is to mix with the yolk of a fried egg and I don’t mean over easy or hard…has to be sunny side up to properly mix with the grits. What they aren’t is a side on your plate…they are the plate! Biscuits: well these are some of the best I’ve had outside my Aunt Laurie’s and I can’t experience them any longer since she left us a few years back.

How about lox? Being from the South this wasn’t something I was exposed to growing up but have come to enjoy as well. What is gravlax…a variation on lox as best I can tell. One thing to remember is that gravlax and lox are not smoked. The link explains it all if you are less familiar with the nuances of preserved salmon. As a base, classic cream cheese or go for dill crème fraîche from The London Plane. Also pictured is a Basque Style Cider from Oregon. Very light and not typical for PNW ciders. This example is from Son of Man which I picked up at Ebb & Co.

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