Quarantine: Chicken Tagine with saffron rice.

This dish was from an online cooking course from The London Chef in Victoria BC so, unfortunately, there is no recipe. Unfortunate because it was excellent with chicken, apricots, ras el hanout, onions and tomatoes. A bit sweet from the apricots but the overall taste profile can only be described as delicious. The side of basmati rice, which included almonds, preserved lemons and saffron, was a perfect choice with the almonds adding an interesting texture.

Short of coming up with your on version, you can attend a London Chief virtual cooking class with the ingredient list sent to you before the class. Based on our experience, I’d give it a try.

Our wine: A 2012 Mourvèdre from Dean Wines.

Dessert: Brown butter pistachio sablés from Bon Appétit. If you like butter…and I do, these are to die for.

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