Quarantine: Q on the Wire.

Memorial day weather wasn’t very conducive to doing a bit of BBQ ribs on the grill but…why not?

Picked up the ribs last minute at our local grocer….we haven’t really seen the serious meat shortage shown on TV but it was one of only 3 slabs left that Monday.

I know you’re dying to know the meat choice….no it’s not impossible meat….they don’t make ribs, at least not yet. Beef….what!!! No way; it was pork of course. I’m not going to get into the debates over the appropriate meat for BBQ or the only type of BBQ sauce to be used other than pork and sweet but check out the links if you must.

The secret to good pork ribs…..cook them slowly on the grill over low to medium heat and not over the direct flame or coals…..think convection cooking on a grill.  It will take 3 to 4 hours…at least…and you’ll know they are done when you pick them up and the meat starts to fall off the bones. The slow cooking makes them very tender, juicy and renders the fat so you don’t have to plow through that stuff. Finish them off with a basing of BBQ sauce….at the very end. Let them rest for 10 minutes in a paper bag….just do it. We did try one new thing…some 5 Marys Farm Rub which was very good. Topped it all off with potato salad, corn and a side of cucumber and tomato salad for a nice spring touch.

The wine? Another Gorman pick: The Devil You Don’t Know. This one is done in a Southern Rhone style of Grenache, Syrah and Mourvedre with Syrah the dominant varietal.