One of Seattle’s best seafood restaurants: Rockcreek.

The menu is seafood so if you don’t like seafood then this isn’t the place for you. That said, it’s all outstanding. This is another place where you want to try everything on the menu. It is one of the best, if not the best, seafood option in Seattle.

We had the Hawaiian Tombo tuna tartare topped with a quail egg and the Totten Inlet mussels to start. The mussels were particularly delicious and were served on a perfectly prepared bruschetta. This was followed with the main course which consisted of a whole Branzino, striped bass and Casco Bay Monkfish with kamilche mussels. Of the three my favorite was the bass which was a real hit with caramelized onion jam…..unbelievable! The wines of the night consisted of a nice provençal Rosé to start and an Albariño for the main. Finished with two desserts which were shared: Key lime pie…real Key limes and a chocolate crunch profiterole with ice cream and salted caramel. A sauternes finished the night.

On another visit, for business, I tried the shaved Brussel sprouts which were very good but the highlight of that meal for me was the Hawaiian Ono served with McEwen and Sons grits (a lovely Southern touch expertly delivered), serrano, smoked tasso and roasted tomato….simply delicious. For those who like shrimp and grits this is similar…and if you want the real thing it may be on the menu as it was that night, so check.

It’s one of out go to places so on a 3rd visit we had a beautiful pear salad, shrimp and grits, yellowfin tuna and arctic char…..all were wonderful choices.

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